“And I will love words for their own sake…

…like hyacinth and piccadilly and onyx.”

So today begins my journey into the blogosphere. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while but never seem to find the time. A digital literacies course (#diglits) I’m taking this semester involves blogging, delving into multimodal texts & uncovering some new (at least to me) Web 2.0 tools. I’ll be discussing the course and some of its topics in future posts.

In the meantime, today I also received the go ahead from the powers to be on the topic for my master’s thesis. With that comes the beginning of my crazy concept mapping & outlining. (I am a huge fan of transmediation)


I’m planning to look at issues of access, equity, and integration of technology in K-12 classrooms & schools. How are they impacted by policies at the national/Federal, state, and local/school levels? Can this impact be measured? If so, by what? I’m hoping to chronicle the research & writing process as the project progresses. Here goes…

Bonus points if you can identify the quote 🙂

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