#WRAD14 Blogging Challenge

Over the next few weeks, we will be participating in World Read-Aloud Day (#WRAD14) activities in the library. The week of March 5th, every class that visits our library will be connecting with another group of students across the U.S. to share stories & read together. We’re up to 18 Skype/GoogleHangout sessions and counting. Students at all grade levels (K-5) will be working on projects related to WRAD.

As part of WRAD, I will be participating in a weekly blogging challenge. Here goes…

Week 1: What is your earliest or fondest memory when someone read-aloud to you? 

I am lucky to have been raised in a house that was always filled with books. Read-alouds were the daily norm.While lots of reading was going on at home, many of my earliest memories about reading begin at the local public library. Each week my grandmother and I (and eventually my younger sister) would head over to the library in search of a new stack of books. I remember sitting captivated by Miss Val, the storyteller, and her fabulous tales. She had a way of truly engaging the audience and sweeping us away into her magical world. The librarians were also always offering suggestions for what to read next and tips for keeping track of what I’d already read. Those tiny purple stars drawn on the back pockets of the books were mine 😉

A few years later, I returned to that same library system as an employee. Working alongside many of those  librarians who had played such an integral role in my childhood was a fabulous experience. While my purple starred books may have been removed from the collection, the memories still fill that space. And every once and a while, Val returns to enchant us all with a story.

My 2nd grade students have recently learned about blogging & have started their own blogs. They are SO excited! They will be participating in a modified version of this blogging challenge…and would love some comments! 🙂 Here are some of their posts.

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